Past Life Regression (DMP)

Experiential class-workshop


Past Lives – Current Selves – Eternal Bodies


SUNDAY, March the 3rd, 2019

2 pm – 5 pm

Location: Indigo Alliance, Pasadena, CA


During this class you will receive ample amount of information on:


  • past lives theme and major patriarchal religions;

  • linear v/s simultaneous time; are the other lives really that “far out” in the past;

  • how to identify  past life character in our everyday life;

  • how does the mechanism of reincarnation work;

  • the body as a storage of our stories; body memories;


We will allow some personal experiences to immerge through intuition, inner reflection, fun exercises and art. So, bring your imagination, capacity for INNER listening, self-trust and respect, also – questions .


6 weeks course


Become Your Own Astrologer

TUESDAYS, March 19, 2019 – April 22, 2019

Location: Indigo Alliance, Pasadena, CA

This 6 week course will provide you with essential information for building your own experiential and practical understanding of the principles behind the 12 signs/houses and how their interplay mirrors the intrinsic qualities of our Soul and the type of experiences we attract in this life. We will look at the astrological chart from evolutionary perspective and in relation to our own realities to uncover how to become a better navigator of our life’s purpose and happiness. Course material:


•   Universal principles of duality found in the chart (polarity; trinity, quaternity) and their qualities

  • Planets and points and their mutual relationships

  • The trinity of our past, present and future

  • Value and meaning of transits and progressions